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Explore the riches of God’s abundant life in this potent video series!

The Life Series is a five-part video presentation that delves into the riches of I Corinthians 13:13:

“And now abideth faith, hope, love; these three…”

Intended for small group study, The Life Series was designed to be viewed in a group setting and is accompanied with workbook study questions in order to catalyze group discussion. To help individuals personally digest the lessons, follow-up reading material is also included in the workbook.

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Faith (Part 1)

Faith (Part 2)


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“The truths included in The Life Series… weren’t normal, everyday truths. They were simple, but they were profound. I am a different person just from going through this series.”

–Kwame from FL


“I had never heard hope defined like this before… being, not just wishful thinking, but a strong, confident expectation of what God’s going to do. When I heard that, it blew my mind and opened the door to things God wants to do in my life!”

–Scotland from OK


“The Life Series opened my eyes to the Lord in a fresh way! I didn’t realize how low and self-centered my concepts of faith, hope, and love were until I realized they were primarily for God so that He can accomplish His purpose on earth. “

–Tim from FL

Step back and look at faith, hope, and love from a fresh and Biblical perspective!

In our world today, the topics of faith, hope, and love are very familiar, with many proclaiming their value and importance. However, when we are encouraged to apply these words, we must be careful to evaluate the underlying philosophy they are being built upon. All too often, faith, hope and love are defined and understood with a worldly philosophy as their basis, resulting in ideals that are at odds with God and His design. In The Life Series presentation, we invite you to step back and look at each topic from a fresh and Biblical perspective. With God’s ultimate purpose for mankind in view, The Life Series explores faith, hope, and love from God’s vantage point in order to discover the ultimate importance and expose the incredible power of each one!

Meet the Panel

Join these Bible School graduates as they explore three abiding truths.
Brandon has a love for filmmaking, and currently serves in audio/visual ministry in Chicago. After graduating from Bible School in 2014, Brandon has sought to cultivate a connection between the truths of Scripture and audio/visual communication. With a strong desire for others to experience an intimate walk with the Lord, Brandon uses visual illustration to express what that walk involves.
Tim has a gift for art and a desire to display God’s creation on canvas. After graduating from Bible School in 2011, Tim has continued on in his art career. With a genuine heart for others and their spiritual growth, Tim also serves on missions trips to Myanmar (formerly Burma). He enjoys to communicate the truth of the living Lord, and takes various opportunities to teach at home and abroad.
Ross & Katie
When Ross and Katie Holdeman attended a small Bible School, they came to know the Lord in a way that altered the course of their lives. After graduating, Ross and Katie have been involved in various opportunities, including intensive discipleship programs for inmates. Emphasizing that the Spirit of God is our teacher, Ross and Katie desire to express the sufficiency of Christ in everything.
Shannon has a love for children and a desire to point them to Christ. After graduating from Bible School in 2015, Shannon has continued to nurture little ones as a childcare provider in the Washington D.C. area and also serves at Children’s National Health System. Her desire is to be an example of the Lord to the next generation, expressing His love and being a conduit of His light.

With God’s ultimate purpose for mankind in view, The Life Series explores faith, hope, and love from God’s vantage point to expose the incredible power of each one!

Content Synopsis

Episode I: Faith (Part I)

The Importance of Faith

When asked the question, “Why is Faith important?”, we tend to think of the ways it benefits us. Although this may be true, have you ever considered that faith is important to God, and why?

The Essence of Faith

What is faith? A common response often involves a belief or persuasion that something I cannot see exists. But did you know that – when Biblically applied – faith does not just believe in an unseen God, but also exposes and expresses the God we cannot see?

The Object of Faith

Did you know that, what causes our faith to be genuine or counterfeit is determined by our view of God? If we hold on to concepts that are distortions of God’s true nature, we will not live by the faith that Scripture calls for.

Episode II: Faith (Part II)

The Object of Faith, cont.

In this continuation of the topic of faith, we delve deeper into our perceptions of God, and how they affect our faith. Going back to the Garden of Eden, we’ll observe the entry of mankind’s unbelief, and its effect on all creation.

The Source of Faith

When we realize we lack something important, our natural tendency is to lean on our own will-power to get it. But can genuine faith come merely by working or deciding to have it? Or is something else necessary to obtain genuine faith?

Living by Faith

What does it mean to live by faith on a continual basis, and how can we accomplish it? Does it require doing “good things”? Or does constantly living by faith call for something deeper? In this section, we will explore the vital and non-optional component of how to continually live by genuine faith.

Episode III: Hope

The Basis of Hope

When we use the word “hope”, it often conveys the idea of “wishful thinking.” However, when we look at the Biblical definition, we find that it isn’t just something that we want to happen…it’s something we can confidently expect to happen? But what are the grounds for such an expectation?

The Vision of Hope

Hope involves looking forward to something we do not yet have. But what is it, specifically, that Biblical hope is looking forward to?

The Effect of Hope

Although the fulfillment of hope will happen in the future, its effects are not exclusive to the future. When our hearts begin to fill with Biblical hope, it produces an enduring effect here and now. But what is that effect, and how does it play out in our daily lives?

Episode IV: Love (Part I)

The Transformation of Love

In this session, we will observe how God’s love for us is not simply a feeling He has toward us, but an incredible power that, if received, will come in and transform us from the inside out.

The Demonstration of Love

When we hear the word “love”, everyone has a personal interpretation of what it means. However, when it comes to God’s love, it is something so much greater than we can comprehend that it required God to demonstrate it. In this section, we will look closer at God’s demonstration of love, and what it involved.

The Interaction of Love

The greatest command in Scripture is that we love God. However, how do wefulfill this command? Is it a burdensome weight God has placed on us to perform for His pleasure, or is it an invitation to experience the deepest and most precious relationship of all? In this section we will look at the commandto love God, and how it is not calling us to mere performance, but to a wondrous divine relationship.

Episode V: Love (Part II)

The Motivation of Love

When someone under our care violates established boundaries, our natural tendencies are to either react in anger or passively avoid the situation. But what does love do? In this section, we observe what it looks like to love those that violate the jurisdictions for which we are responsible.

The Test of Love

All throughout life we encounter trying situations. Sometimes these involve people who purposefully are against us, people over which we have no control. But how do we react in these situations? Do we view those people as hindrances, or as opportunities for God to express His nature through us?

Walking in Love

Genuine love is not natural to humanity, but is an expression of the indwelling Christ. If this is the case, how do we continually walk in love? In this section, we look further into what it means to walk in love on a continual basis.

All too often, faith, hope and love are defined and understood with a wordly philosophy as their basis, resulting in ideals that are at odds with God and His design.

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